Dr. Rob Dillon, Coordinator

Friday, December 19, 2003

FMCS Gastropod Workshop

To The FWGNA Group:

Registration is now open for the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society's Gastropod Workshop, to be held in conjunction with a water quality conference at the University of Alabama this March. The Water Quality conference is scheduled for March 15 - 16, with the gastropod workshop to follow on March 17 - 18. A single registration fee gets you into both events!

We'll review the freshwater gastropod families systematically on Wednesday the 17th, with a team of fresh young scientists as our guides (and Jack Burch, as well!) On Thursday we'll turn to the biology and conservation of our favorite critters, wrapping up with a discussion of the nascent "National Strategy" for freshwater gastropod conservation and recovery.

The conference chair is Dr. Paul Johnson and the local arrangements contact is Chuck Lydeard .

See you all there!