Dr. Rob Dillon, Coordinator

Friday, August 20, 1999

FWGNA Committee Named

To the FWGNA:

I am pleased to announce that the following colleagues have agreed to serve on our FWGNA Editorial Committee:
  • Steve Ahlstedt - Eastern Mississippi USGS Knoxville, ahlstedt@usgs.gov
  • Ken Brown - Western Mississippi. Louisiana State University, kmbrown@lsu.edu
  • Rob Dillon - Southern Atlantic College of Charleston, dillonr@cofc.edu
  • Paul Johnson - Eastern Gulf Southeast Aquatic Research Institute, pdj@tennis.org
  • Eileen Jokinen - Great Lakes University of Connecticut, currently in transition
  • Bob McMahon - Western Gulf U. Texas Arlington, r.mcmahon@uta.edu
  • Dave Strayer - Northern Atlantic Inst. Ecosystem Studies, strayerd@ecostudies.org
  • Shi-Kuei Wu - Pacific University of Colorado, skwu@spot.colorado.edu
The members of the Editorial Committee will work with the many regional collectors, collections, and references available to produce a database (in standard format) showing the modern distribution of gastropods in their set of drainages. Development of a joint proposal to the NSF Biotic Surveys and Inventories program is already underway. The names of the members of this committee will ultimately appear on the cover page as editors of the FWGNA volume (or set of volumes) when published.

The Editorial Committee will not be responsible (unless they wish to be!) for identifications. Problematic samples will be forwarded to "Taxon Editors," who will do the identifications, write "species accounts" (on a continental scale), and receive credit for authorship of their sections of the book. Designation of Taxon Editorships have not been made as yet.

Each of the members of the Editorial Committee has, or soon will have, a list of the volunteers in his or her area. I realize that many of us have interests in more than one region, and that some of us (especially you more taxon-oriented folks) may have continental or even world-wide outlooks. We'll have plenty of time to sort through this in the future, as soon as we get funded, if not before.

In the mean time, if any of you would like to contact your editor and introduce yourself, I'm sure this would be appreciated.


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