Dr. Rob Dillon, Coordinator

Monday, March 30, 2015

See You In Milwaukee?

 SFS 2015

The Society for Freshwater Science will be meeting on the sun-kissed shores of America’s Dairyland May 17 -21.  And once again yours truly has volunteered to man the “Gastropoda” booth at the Taxonomy Fair Wednesday afternoon the 20th.  So dig all those vials of juvenile physids out of that box under your sink, toss them loose into your checked luggage, and type MKE into your favorite online travel site today.

The scientific program looks super, as usual.  Our good buddy Sean Sullivan of Rithron Associates has organized a special session on “Invertebrate Systematics and Faunistics” that promises to be a rip-snorter!  There’s still time to register, but you must hurry.  Check out the meeting website (linked from the image above) for all the details.

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