Dr. Rob Dillon, Coordinator

Thursday, November 19, 2015

FWGNA Version 11/15

We are pleased to announce that a new version Nov15 of the FWGNA website is now on line and open for business.  This is not a new operating system by any means - just an incremental point-one upgrade.  But certainly worth a notice, nonetheless.  Click the FWGNA logo at right to check it out.

The refreshed site is based on 12,211 records collected from the Atlantic drainages of our nine-state coverage area [1], up 6.5% from the 11,471 records upon which our previous Oct13 version was based.  Most of the 740 new records come from South Carolina, for which we owe a debt of gratitude to Jim Glover, David Eargle, and Justin Lewandowski of the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.  The Atlantic drainage fauna has now increased from 67 species to 69, with the addition of (apparently invasive) populations of Melanoides tuberculata and Pyrgophorus parvulus [2].  More about that next month.

All the statewide tabulations (GA, SC, NC, VA, and Mid-Atlantic) have been at least slightly updated, as has the overall FWGNA Synthesis for the Atlantic drainages together [3].  There are a few changes in the FWGNA incidence ranks for the rarer (and hence less stable) species, but nothing drastic.


[1] We have not updated our FWGTN survey of the Tennessee River drainages since 2011.  That chore is long overdue, we must confess.

[2] The total number of species covered by the entire FWGNA site is up from 87 to 89.

[3] The fit of the 69-species distribution of commonness and rarity to a lognormal model continues to worsen, now down to a Shapiro-Wilk W = 0.957 (p = 0.019).

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